NW Water Tower

As part of Edmond’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan, a number of recommended improvements are being implemented. One of the more noticeable projects is the new NW Water Tower. This water tower is designed to hold two million gallons of water, which is four times the amount of the other water towers in Edmond. It is located at the corner of Coffee Creek and Boulevard.

As Edmond continues do grow, so does the need for water storage. Water towers are designed to help balance the water system during the day when peak water usage occurs. This project will help the Northwest part of Edmond experience fewer pressure fluctuations and better our water system as a whole. Other water tower projects are planned in the future as recommended in the Master Plan.
View 1 Proposed - 03.jpeg
The NW Water Tower project began June 10, 2016 and is for completion in September 2017. Landmark Structures is the contractor for the project with a total cost of $5,893,000.

December 2017 Update: The project is nearly complete and will be on line by late winter. Most of the improvements have been completed and landscaping is being installed.