Fire Inspections

Inspections/Code Enforcement 

The Edmond Fire Department is responsible for providing fire and life safety protection to the public by ensuring fire code compliance and enforcement of state and local fire codes for residential and commercial facilities. 

Some of our programs include but are not limited to:

  • Preventive inspections of businesses, places of assembly, educational and health institutions and other occupancies for compliance with the Edmond Municipal Code and the 2015 International Fire Code.  
  • Investigation of fire and life safety code violations and complaints, including overcrowding at public facilities. 
  • Business Self-Inspection
  • Certificate of Compliance Inspections  
  • Firework and Pyrotechnic Display Permits 
  • Open Burning Permits 
  • Gate Permits and Inspections 
  • Food Truck Inspections 
  • Special Use Permits 


Plan Review and acceptance testing is conducted by City of Edmond Building & Fire Code Services.

Preparing for a Fire Inspection 

The following is a list of common violations our inspectors encounterWhile this list is not exhaustive, examining this list can help our inspectors and your facility in the inspection process. You can prepare for the inspection by ensuring your facility follows the following codes:  

Emergency Vehicle Access & Premises 

  • Property address is marked in large numbers and is clearly visible from the street. 
  • Fire lanes are properly marked and are unobstructed. 
  • Areas outside and around the building free of weeds, debris, and trash. 
  • Fire Hydrants are clear of vegetation, debris, etc. for a minimum of 3 feet.

Egress (Exiting)  

  • Exit signs are provided and emergency lights are in working order if provided with illumination. 
  • All doors marked with exit signs must remain unlocked during business hours. 
  • Exits and exit pathways must be clear of obstructions. 


  • All electrical outlets, switches, and junction boxes are closed or covered. 
  • Electrical panel must remain clear of obstructions a minimum of 30 inches 
  • Extension cords are utilized for temporary use only 
  • All multiple Outlet Power strips are UL listed and equipped with a built-in circuit breaker 
  • These power strips plug directly into a permanently installed receptacle. 

Fire Alarm I Fire Sprinkler System  

  • The Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler systems have been inspected within the last 12 months.

Fire Extinguishers & Suppression Systems 

  • The Commercial Cooking Fire Suppression System has been inspected within the last 6 months. 
  • Fire extinguishers are clearly marked, visible, accessible, and hung on wall. 
  • All fire extinguishers have been serviced and tagged by a fire extinguisher company within the last twelve months.

Storage of Combustibles                                                                               

  • Mechanical rooms electrical rooms and boiler rooms are clear of any combustible materials. 
  • Combustible materials are stored properly, away from any heat source.


For more information please contact the Edmond Fire Department Prevention Office at (405) 216-7303 or email