Our History

Department History

This department was previously the Town Clerk’s Office. H. H. Moose was the first town clerk and was elected by the citizens of Edmond, Oklahoma Territory, on May 2, 1892. On July 6, 1904, the position of town clerk was amended to city clerk. The City of Edmond Charter was adopted on July 2, 1925, and at that time, the office of city clerk became an appointed position by the city manager but under the supervision and direction of the mayor and council. The charter was amended April 5, 1977, and the city Clerk is now under the city manager’s direct supervision. Since the first town clerk was elected, 18 different citizens have held the title of town clerk or city clerk.

From 1977 to 1995, the City Clerk’s Office was responsible for managing official city records, Gracelawn Cemetery, employee insurance, and utility services.


On October 12, 1995, the city manager announced a reorganization plan of city departments. The City Clerk’s Office is now composed of four full-time employees. The following areas were established and are under the supervision of the The City Clerk’s Office:
  • City clerk functions
  • Governmental relations
  • Courier and mail delivery services to city departments