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KickingBird Golf Course Map

Par 4 - 430 yards. Downhill with slight dogleg to the right. Drive should favor the left side as the fairway slopes to the right into the trees. Do not go over this green with your approach. Par 3 - 170 Yards. Downhill par 3 usually plays 1 club less than the yardage reads. Avoid the front right bunker and avoid going over the green because of the out of bounds fence positioned closed by. Par 5 - 513 Yards. Good par 5 with a dogleg to the left at the end of the hole. A long straight drive will allow you a chance to go for the green. Everything rolls left on this hole. The entire hole is line with trees on both sides. The lay up shot should be aimed at the fairway bunker. The green has many tiers so make sure the approach shot is an accurate one. Par 3 - 160 Yards. Uphill par 3 to a difficult green. Bunker front left and many undulations on the green make this hole difficult. Favor the miss to the right of this hole. Par 4 - 376 Yards. Dogleg to the left. Driving range fence on the left is out of bounds. Drive should favor the right side allowing enough room to get up and over the trees that guard the left. Receptive green. Avoid going over with your approach. Par 4 - 440 Yards. Long uphill that doglegs to the left. Trees line the left side of the fairway. The most difficult hole on the course. A well-hit drive will get you to the corner of the dogleg leaving you an uphill long iron approach. A bunker guards the front left. Green has a big tier in the middle making a back pin placement tough to get to. Bring your A game to this hole or a big number could be the result. Par 3 - 160 Yards. Straightforward hole. Avoid bunker in front and shot over the green leaves you with a tough up and down. Par 5 - 484 Yards. Relatively easy finish to the front nine. This uphill par 5 requires a drive to carry 160 yards over the water. Hazard does run up the left side of the hole. The smart play is to lay up 100 yards from the green. This takes the two bunkers in front of the green out of play. A good drive on this hole may allow you to go for the green in two. Aim either left or right of the bunkers so that a mishit does not end up in there. Green is large. Always use at least 1-2 clubs more on the uphill approach. Par 4 - 405 Yards. Straight away hole with trees lining the left side. This hole requires a long straight tee shot. Favor the right side. Usually left with a medium to long iron approach. Plan a ½ club more on the approach. Bunker front left. Par 4 - 340 Yards. Difficult driving hole. The safe play is a 190-200 yard tee shot leaving you less than 150 yards to the green. Driver is not the play on this hole because of the water 100 yards from the green. Favor the left side as the trees on the right do come into play. Water guards the front, left and back of the green. The approach should be aimed to the center of the green. Par on this hole is a good score. Par 3 - 141 Yards. Short hole going uphill. Avoid front bunker and figure ½ to 1 club more than yardage reads. Avoid front right bunker. Par 4 - 414 Yards. Driver is a must to carry the top of the hill. Out of Bounds left and fairway slopes to the left. Usually left with a middle iron approach to the green. Another hole where the approach shot should not be long and left on this hole is no good either. Hole plays ½ a club shorter on the approach. Par 4 - 320 Yards. big drive can reach this well guarded green. Two bunkers on the front left and right make driving this green difficult. A smart play is a 200-220 tee shot leaving you with a short iron approach. Par 4 - 398 Yards. Difficult driving hole. Fairway slopes to the left. Creek runs the entire left side of this hole. Driver should favor the right side. On the approach shot avoid going long as bogey could be the result. Par 4 - 407 Yards. Downhill with a sharp dogleg to the right. A good conservative play is a drive straight to the middle of the dogleg. If you wish to gamble and cut the corner take it over the right trees. This shot narrows the landing area tremendously. On the approach long is no good. The downhill approach usually plays one club less. Par 3 - 190 Yards. Long downhill par 3. Green is very big. Usually plays one club less than yardage reads. Emphais placed on lag putting. Once again avoid going over. Par 5 - 554 Yards. long iron second shot to the lay up area. From here you will be hitting a short iron approach into a rather large green.
Par 4 - 380 Yards. Sharp dogleg to the right. Premium is place on a good drive. Aim to the left side of the fairway on the tee shot. Avoid the trees on the right side. Green is big. Avoid going over.

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