Planning & Zoning


The Edmond Planning Department consists of a team of four planners and two administrative assistants. They work to administer new development and new construction in the City of Edmond, by using Edmond's Zoning Code (Title 22) in applying standards for new construction, building setbacks, height of structures, lot size, and determination that the use of the property is correct. Agricultural, single-family, multi-family, office, light retail-commercial, general commercial uses, and industrial uses are the primary categories reviewed for changes of use in occupancies or construction of new buildings, structures, and homes.

Site Plan Review Team

The Planning Department oversees the site plan review process that is required for all new development and works with the various departments on the Site Plan Review Team (SPRT). The SPRT consists of staff from the Engineering Department, Building Department, Fire Prevention Office, Electric Department, Sanitation Department, Forestry and Utility Services. New applications are received in the Planning Department and after staff review is complete, a report is written for the Edmond Planning Commission and Edmond City Council.

Other Responsibilities

The Subdivision Code (Title 21) for the city describes the standards for construction of new streets, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and the provision for utility easements, sidewalks, and arrangement of the building sites or lots. Title 23, regarding drainage standards, is applied to any new construction for all projects, including new subdivisions.

The Planning Department also oversees other sections of the City Code, including signs (Title 15), standards for placement of mobile homes, house-moving requirements, and procedures for the closing of public streets or utility easement and lot splits.

Planning Commission Responsibilities

The Edmond Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing the various applications that are submitted and making a decision on the item or giving a recommendation to the Edmond City Council. They meet twice a month on the Tuesday prior to City Council meetings.

Board of Adjustment / Appeals Responsibilities

The Edmond Board of Adjustment / Appeals meets on an as-needed basis to hear variances of construction code for unique condition or unusual hardship applications.