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Defining Sustainability

Sustainable development can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. For the City of Edmond this concept applies to municipal operations, land use decisions, transportation choices, and natural resources. The city values healthy ecosystems, the wise use of resources, and it actively seeks to retain and enhance a locally based economy. As part of the Strategic Operating Plan for the City of Edmond, all departments are encouraged to include sustainability as a regular part of their processes.


The City of Edmond uses a combination of short- and long-range activities designed to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gases, and ultimately save the city and residents money while providing a cleaner, healthier living environment. Please refer to the resources provided in our Green Initiatives Guide to learn more about how you might become involved.


The City of Edmond seeks to provide a sustainability vision that is embraced by everyone, including businesses, disadvantaged groups, environmentalists, civic clubs, government agencies, schools, and religious organizations.

Sustainable Resources