Fire Training Division

The Training Division develops and provides essential and advanced training and educational programs in order to maintain proficiency in accordance with in-service and mandatory federal, state, and local regulations, standards, policies and procedures. The Training Division of the Edmond Fire Department is responsible for multiple functions within the organization. 

Training functions include:
  • Administration/management of the hiring process
  • Administration/management of internal promotional processes
  • Preparation and presentation of professional development programs ie. Officer and Driver Academies and refreshers
  • National Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) certification and refreshers for all Fire Department employees
  • Training of new recruits
  • Recurring and new training of incumbent employees
  • Planning, coordinating, and participating in interagency drills and training
  • Review, evaluate, and update evolutions, techniques, and procedures used in firefighting, rescue, and EMS
  • Liaison for utilization of the Fire Training facilities, classrooms, training props, and fire ground simulators
  • Maintenance of continuing education hours, certifications and records
  • Coordination of injury prevention programs
  • Response to emergency scenes for operational and technical support

Training Members

  • Chief Training Officer
  • Two Assistant Training Officers (Fire/Rescue)
  • Assistant Training Officer/EMS Director

Programs Offered

  • Department of Transportation Emergency Operations Course Certification
  • Emergency Vehicle Skid Avoidance Course
  • Yearly EMT and Paramedic Refresher

Training Facilities and Props

  • Five story drill tower with interior propane props
  • Two story search and rescue building with interior propane props
  • Two story Class A burn building
  • Ten exterior propane props
  • SCBA maze/confined space trailer
  • Flashover simulator
  • EVOC driving pad and road course
  • SKIDTRUCK skid avoidance trainer
  • Confined space props
  • Hazmat props
  • High angle props
  • Ventilation props
  • Forcible entry props
  • Wall entry props