Visit the Arboretum

Margaret Annis Boys Arboretum Information

The Margaret Annis Boys Centennial Arboretum is like a museum of trees that grow well in Central Oklahoma. Located at the south end of Bickham-Rudkin Park at 33rd Street between Boulevard Street and Bryant Avenue, the arboretum can be accessed by following the trail from the main parking lot on 33rd street or from the playground parking lot off of Meadow Lane.

Arboretum Purpose

The arboretum has a couple of purposes:
  • To create a natural space where people can connect with their environment and enjoy some outdoor recreation
  • To provide a place for Edmond residents to view and learn about a variety of different tree species that may be grown here
Whether you are walking the trail, bird watching, or just enjoying the silence on a park bench, it is a very serene place to spend some time.


Some major changes occurred at the arboretum in Fall 2011. The Urban Forestry program plans to continue enhancing this area in the future, and some of the recent improvements include:
  • Addition of a large wood sculpture in the form of a large owl sitting on a tree. This artwork was carved by chainsaw from the large post oak on the southeast corner of Danforth and Bryant that died in 2010. A piece of this beautiful oak lives on now in the arboretum.
  • Installation of new tree species signage. The new signs are far more durable and more attractive than the original ones. In addition to a tree's common and botanical names, the signs include mature height and various characteristics of the species, denoted by special icons. View the key to these tree characteristic icons.