Urban Forest Interactions


Knowledge about trees extends far beyond the different kinds of trees and how to plant and care for them. These aspects focus on individual trees, but together these trees form the urban forest. While we interact with the individual trees at our homes or in public spaces, the trees interact with their environment to affect the extent of tree benefits we experience and the health of other natural resources as well.

We, as stewards of the urban forest, can play a part in the type of urban forest interactions that take place. For instance, the species of trees we choose to plant influences urban forest health through species diversity. The choices we make about tree placement in our yards influences energy consumption and personal finances. It’s important to remember that while planting a tree seems like something small, in the big picture it affects the broad scale urban forest and its health and functions.

Visit the following links to learn about how the urban forest benefits you, our community, and the local environment, in addition to urban forest needs that we can help to manage.