What is New and What Remains the Same

What is New in Edmond Plan IV

Edmond Plan IV is an update to Edmond Plan III and is not intended to completely overwrite previous planning efforts. As a result, readers of Edmond Plan IV will find a mix of "old" and "new" concepts. Major changes reflected in Edmond Plan IV are noted below along with elements that have remained the same from the previous plan.

What Has Changed

  • A Community Profile section has been added (Chapter 2), which provides a current "snapshot" of Edmond examining demographic and development trends, key community features, and current development-related issues. The Community Profile provides the context for the long and short range goals and policies throughout the rest of the document.
  • A General Plan has been added to depict the desired general vision for physical development and growth in Edmond. The General Plan is supported by the various goals and policies found throughout Edmond Plan IV, and considers constraints (such as protection of natural areas or anticipated availability of infrastructure), trends, desired growth patterns, and preferred community character.
  • A Preface has been added to provide a quick overview of the plan and how it is intended to be used by stakeholders.
  • An Implementation chapter (Chapter 9) has been added to the plan to cover all remaining bases needed to move from plan to reality. Administrative goals and policies, as well as other tools to implement the plan are discussed.
  • Policies have been revised to provide stronger direction for decision-making.
  • The site-specific land use map, previously known as Edmond Plan III, has been updated and the name has been changed to the "Ordinance Plan." Updates to the Ordinance Plan reflect the vision and desired character of the "General Plan," particularly in regards to east Edmond where the majority of change will occur.
  • The Transportation chapter (Chapter 5) has been revised to reflect the Edmond Transportation Plan.
  • The Utilities chapter (Chapter 7) provides an analysis of the city's sewer and water infrastructure and its capacity to handle projected growth.

What Remains the Same

  • The community vision, developed by citizens through the Tomorrow's Edmond process in 1996, continues to provide the guiding vision for Edmond Plan IV.
  • The general framework of chapters remains the same, as will the format that includes an overview followed by goals and policies.
  • The site-specific land use map now referred to as the "Ordinance Plan" remains as the official land use plan of the city that is adopted by ordinance with amendments requiring formal City Council approval.