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Posted on: February 24, 2017

City of Edmond Citizens’ Traffic Questionnaire Results

The City of Edmond recently sought input from citizens regarding traffic in the community.  Over a two week period, a special website form was available for citizens to share their top three traffic hot spots.

During the time period of January 9th and January 23rd, approximately 9,600 valid responses were submitted.  Participants were allowed to place up to three pins on a map to ensure their exact location was included.

“We are very happy to see a strong response to this questionnaire from our residents,” said City Manager Larry Stevens.  “This data will be used to assist in future planning and we certainly value the residents having input in the planning process.”

The top ten traffic concern areas reported are:
1. 2nd Street & Bryant Avenue Intersection
2. Covell Road & Santa Fe Avenue Intersection
3. 2nd Street (Boulevard to Broadway)
4. Covell Road & Bryant Avenue Intersection
5. Danforth Road & Kelly Avenue Intersection
6. Edmond Road & Kelly Avenue Intersection
7. 15th Street & Broadway Intersection
8. 15th Street & Bryant Ave. Intersection
9. Danforth Road (Thomas Drive to Boulevard)
10. 15th Street & Kelly Avenue Intersection

A “heat map” showing all areas that received a minimum of ten responses can be viewed at 


Heat Map
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