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Foster-A-Tree Registration

  1. Based on the above criteria, which tree size class are you eligible for?*

    Remember that trees must be planted within the street right-of-way, which is close to the street. Call Leigh at 359-4759 if you are unsure of where this right-of-way boundary is located.

  2. I have completed my two year maintenance agreement for my previous foster tree if this is not the first time I have registered for the Foster-A-Tree program. (I.e. If you are registering for the Spring 2014 planting, your previous tree must have been planted no later than Spring 2012).

  3. I am the owner of the property where this tree will be planted, or I have permission from the property owner to plant a tree on this property through the Foster-A-Tree program.*

  4. I acknowledge that my tree must be planted in the public right-of-way (which is usually within 10-12 feet of the street edge).


  5. I acknowledge that my tree must be planted adjacent to my own residence and not in a greenbelt or common area, unless I am the authority responsible for that area. (i.e. Homeowner's Association officer or landscape manager)


  6. I acknowledge that there must be available space for a tree to mature without causing conflict with utilities, other trees or infrastructure, in order for a tree to be planted in the right-of-way adjacent to my property.


  7. I acknowledge that the size of tree (Shade Tree or Utility Compatible/Understory Tree) offered to me will be based upon the available space for a new tree and will determine the species from which I select my tree.


  8. I agree to mark any lawn irrigation lines prior to the tree planting date once I am notified of when the planting date will be.


  9. I agree to water my tree for two years, to protect it from mechanical harm due to lawn maintenance equipment/vehicles/pets/etc. and to report any questionable tree issues to the Urban Forestry Department as soon as possible upon noticing the issues. Overall, I agree to follow the basic guidelines in the Foster-A-Tree Maintenance Guide for two years until my tree becomes established.*

  10. I acknowledge that while the Urban Forestry Department may return to perform maintenance on my foster tree early in its life, the tree is my responsibility to maintain in a safe condition.*

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