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Commercial Pick-Up
Commercial Pick-Up Information
Solid Waste Services provides refuse-collection services for Edmond businesses and multi-family (apartment) dwellings. The collector services about 125 containers per day. 

Collection Process
Automated trucks increase productivity and decrease chances for injury to our employees. Using hydraulic controls, the collection inserts forks at the front of the truck into side pockets of the container and lifts the container overhead to dump contents into the truck hopper.

Monthly Bulk Collection
Some waste items such as furniture, mattresses, and appliances can damage the collection equipment and should not be placed in the containers. Contact Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541 to schedule a monthly bulk collection for large items. This will ensure we get the correct equipment on the job to avoid injury to our employees and prevent damage to collection equipment.

Collection Containers
Containers are the property of the City of Edmond and are permanently assigned to business addresses. The containers are designed to handle up to 6,000 pounds. However, never load dirt, concrete, construction materials, animal waste and/or any other heavy materials into the containers. If the container is overloaded, you will be asked to unload it.

Containers in violation may not be serviced. A return trip fee may be applicable.

Make sure all of your refuse is placed in your container. Any waste that is outside of the container will not be collected. Contact Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541 if you need additional collections. The fees are nominal and will be added to your utility bill.

Container Cost
Commercial container cost ranges from $60.00 - $494.00 per month depending on container size and frequency of the collection, which varies from one-six times per week. Multiple containers are provided at apartments, school campuses, or where waste volumes are more than needed for one container that is collected four times per week.

Industrial Compactors
Industrial Compactors will not be serviced by the City of Edmond. It is the responsibility of individual businesses to make arrangements with independent contractors for this service.

Customer Notification Tags
Please read the customer notification tags left on your container. This is the only method our drivers have to communicate with you. The customer notification tags let you know when there are problems and what is needed to correct them. If you need clarification on the tag message, contact Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541.

More Information
If you have questions or problems, contact Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541.

Solid Waste Services
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