Recycling Reminders

Recycling Carts

We provide curbside recycling for all residential customers with weekly trash cart services. As part of this service, we provide an 96-gallon recycling poly cart. The carts are permanently assigned to each residential address and belong to the city.

Recycling Pickup Schedule

For your convenience, recycling collection is scheduled for the same day as your weekly trash cart collection. However, the recycling and trash are collected by different trucks and at different times of the same day. Your recycling carts will be picked up on a bi-weekly basis on the same day as your weekly trash cart collection.

Tips to Remember:

Follow these tips for recycling pickup:
  • Don't set newspapers out during rainy weather, because wet newspaper cannot be recycled. If your newspapers are wet, they will be discarded and not recycled.
  • It is actually a violation of city ordinances to scavenge recycling materials from the carts. If you see this happening, please report the tag number and vehicle description to Solid Waste Services at (405) 359-4541.
  • Leave at least four feet between the recycling cart and the trash cart. Remember that they are separate collections with different trucks.
  • Bring in your recycling cart as soon as possible after your collection. This helps prevent vandalism or theft of your cart.
  • Place all recycling materials in the cart. There is no need to separate the materials. You can put your newspapers in a brown, craft paper bag to keep them from blowing on windy days.
  • Place the recycling cart at your curb / roadway before 7:00 am on your designated collection day.
  • The time of day varies for recycling collections. The collectors will work until dark to complete their routes if needed.