Carl Reherman Park

When Arcadia Lake was developed in the mid 1980’s, a park on the southwest side of the lake was planned. Carl Reherman Park which is 50 plus acres, will be a day use park designed to include picnic areas, a boat ramp and a fishing dock. The development will take place in multiple phases over the next several years. This will be the fifth park at Arcadia Lake that is managed by the City of Edmond Parks and Recreation Department. The park location entrance will be at the intersection of Air Depot Boulevard and 33rd Street.

The park is named for longtime resident and former Edmond Mayor Carl Reherman. Mr. Reherman served five terms as mayor from 1978-1989 and was instrumental in the city’s partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers to create Arcadia Lake during the 1980’s.

Carl Reherman Park Site Plan

Latest Update

Park progress: Summer 2017Carl Reherman Park Summer 17