Demand & Energy Efficiency Program

Demand & Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) provides funds, up to $100,000 annually per customer, to commercial customers who implement energy-saving measures that will reduce their summer peak electric demands. Projects are evaluated by Edmond Electric and Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) staff, on a case-by-case basis, and funds available for an individual project are determined through submission of detailed project plans.


A customer must meet the following qualifications in order for a project to be considered for approval:

  • Must submit a completed DEEP Application prior to the start of your project
  • Facility for proposed work is in Oklahoma and served by Edmond Electric
  • Load must be classified as either commercial or industrial by Edmond Electric
  • Load must be normally operated during summer billing period of June through September
  • Be willing to invest as much or more than OMPA will commit to a proposed project
  • City owned facilities may also qualify for program participation

Approved projects may be any project where any piece of electric equipment is planned to be replaced with a higher energy efficient electrical piece of equipment that has a lower energy demand. Opportunities for DEEP projects may exist in the areas of lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, commercial food service equipment, pumps and motors.

DEEP Application