Landscape Improvement Award

***Nominations for the 2018 award are due on July 31st.

The Landscape Improvement Award recognizes local home owner associations/neighborhood groups that have enhanced their neighborhood environment through the planting of trees and other landscaping. The Edmond Urban Forestry Commission will award recognition signage and additional trees to one group each year for their outstanding efforts.

Who is eligible to win this award?

Neighborhood groups that are located within Edmond City Limits may apply with a project that was completed since July 31st of the previous year. Individual residents are not eligible for this award.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Landscape projects that enhance the neighborhood environment are eligible, with greatest emphasis on tree plantings. Trees installed through the Foster-A-Tree program do not qualify. Projects must be located within Edmond City Limits, in neighborhood-managed areas.
Landscape Improvement Award

How does a neighborhood group apply?

Neighborhood groups with an eligible project should fill out the Landscape Improvement Award online form. Basic information about the group and project, as well as photos of the finished project are required.

How does the selection process work?

The Edmond Urban Forestry Commission will review applications received by July 31st at their August meeting to select the winner. They will evaluate projects on design, implementation, aftercare, and the resulting impact made by the improvements.

What is the winning group's prize?

The winning group will receive additional trees for their neighborhood and the Landscape Improvement Award sign will be placed near their winning project during the following growing season.

Past Awardees

2016 - Villages at Coffee Creek
2017 - Autumn Ridge

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