Building Code Violations:

Do I need a permit to build a shed?

Please call the City of Edmond Building Department at (405) 359-4780 to find out if you need a building permit.

What can I do if my neighbor will not fix his part of a shared fence?

According to the City of Edmond municipal code fences cannot be in a state of disrepair. Since we do not know who is responsible for which part of the shared property, both neighbors could be ticketed for not keeping their fence in good repair. Any conflict concerning responsibility for upkeep of the fence is a civil matter.

What if we have an abandoned house in our neighborhood?

If the abandoned house is not secured (i.e. broken window or doors) or has tall grass or weeds, please call the Code Enforcement office to report the address at (405) 359-4793.

What if I have a complaint about my landlord not fixing my rental property?

Rules and regulations concerning landlords and rental property fall under the Landlord Tenant Act and are not under our jurisdiction. Please call the Apartment Association of Central Oklahoma at (405) 720-6646 or the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council at (405) 232-3247 for assistance with these issues.

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