Danforth Water Tower

As part of Edmond’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan, a number of recommended improvements are being implemented. One of the more noticeable projects was the new NW Water Tower located at Coffee Creek and Broadway. Now that this tower is complete, we are moving forward with the second water tower recommended by our Master Plan. It will be located at the NE corner of Danforth and Thomas across from North High School. This water tower is designed to hold two million gallons of water and will be very similar to the NW Water Tower. 

As Edmond continues to grow, so does the need for water storage. Water towers are designed to help balance the water system during the day when peak water usage occurs and are needed for emergencies to ensure adequate volumes of water are available for firefighting. This project will help the central part of Edmond by doubling the amount of storage currently available from the College Water Tower and the current Danforth Water Tower. Plans call for removing the two towers as they are no longer needed due to age and limited capacity.

This project is now under construction and is currently scheduled to be complete by Fall of 2019.

Danforth Water Twr NorthWest View