CFA Alumni Association

Our History

With a desire to educate the citizens of Edmond in fire safety, the Edmond Fire Department started the Citizen Fire Academy classes in the spring of 2008. Four years later in October 2012, the Edmond Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association was formed. Members are graduate students of the Edmond Citizen Fire Academy.

The Citizen Fire Academy Alumni Association meets on the fourth Thursday of every month with the exception of July & December. Each meeting has an update from the Fire Department regarding public meetings that are coming up to help educate the citizens of Edmond and what we as citizens can do to help make Edmond a safer place to live and work.

The alumni group helps the Department with the annual Winter Night Festival at the Children’s Safety Village and other public activities. 

Our Mission

Increase public support of the Edmond Fire Department; enhance relations between the public and the Edmond Fire Department; and educate the public about the function and role of the Citizen Fire Academy.

Fire Department Trivia

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Why are Dalmatians Fire Department Mascots?

Dalmatians became Fire Department mascots because they originally formed a strong bond with fire horses and were helpful in directing them. They are also a very strong and energetic breed.