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Fair Housing

2019 City of Edmond Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

Housing & Neighborhood Programs

Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation (OOHR)

The purpose of the City of Edmond’s CDBG OOHR Program is to rehabilitate homes to meet basic HUD and city building codes with emphasis placed on structural safety, sanitary conditions, and energy efficiency. The primary beneficiaries are low to moderate-income individuals and families. The homes will also be tested for lead-based paint. If LBP exists, it will be abated. Only owner-occupied, single-family homes are eligible. Investment (rental) property is not eligible.

The funds are secured by a second mortgage that is filed at the Oklahoma County Courthouse for the amount expended on each home. Payback is not required unless the property owner sells or leases the property within a five-year period. This program also includes the Emergency Repair Program that assists homeowners by addressing a specific critical and urgent need in the home. A Reconstruction Program is also available for demolition and reconstruction of a housing unit on the same lot. Applicants are placed on a first-come, first-served waiting list.

Neighborwoods Tree Program

The purpose of this program is to maintain a healthy and safe urban forest. This is done by trimming and removing hazardous trees, as well as planting new trees. With the help of the city's Urban Forestry Office, more than 100 hazardous trees have been trimmed or removed from the Edmond CDBG target area. Hazardous trees not only pose a serious safety threat to people and homes, but if they are diseased, the diseases can be spread to other trees throughout the neighborhood. Given the value and high cost of maintaining a healthy urban forest, this program has been set aside to assist property owners who cannot afford the tree trimming and / or removal. 

Code Compliance Assistance

The purpose of this program is to assist low to moderate-income residents who have dangerous structures such as old sheds, garages and fences that need to be removed. These dangerous structures are often attractive to children, criminal activity and can also be a harborage for vermin and insects. They are also eyesores for the entire neighborhood. Edmond's Code Enforcement officers and residents will help us locate and identify these structures. With cooperation of the property owners, contractors will be hired to remove the structures. This program does not include demolition of homes.

Homebuyer Assistance Program
To decrease the barriers preventing low to moderate-income individuals and families from owning a home in Edmond, the Homebuyer Assistance Program will provide qualified applicants with assistance for down payment and closing costs up to $5,000. The home must be located within the City Limits of the City of Edmond and be for owner-occupancy only.

Effective January 27, 2020, the City of Edmond will not be accepting new applications for the Homebuyer Assistance Program. The program funds budgeted for this year have been exhausted. The Homebuyer Assistance applications which have already been approved by the City of Edmond will be honored. New applications will again be accepted beginning October 1, 2021.