Public Service Programs

Edmond's Public Service Programs

UR Special Ministries, Inc.

This is a self-esteem program that furnishes new clothing for “at-risk” children between the ages of 3 to 11. Clothing is given to children on three occasions during the program year, at back-to-school, Christmas, and Easter. In addition the CDBG funds, private donations to the program included cash and in-kind contributions. (405) 340-2799

The HOPE Center Transportation Program

Through a partnership with the City of Edmond, 7-11, and Metro Transit the HOPE Center of Edmond provides its clients access to gas cards and bus tickets (if using Metro Transit in Oklahoma City). Clients use these to assist in their efforts to find and / or maintain employment, seek medical care, and other transportation needs. (405) 348-1340

The HOPE Center Rental AssistanceProgram

The City of Edmond assists the HOPE Center with funds to prevent homelessness in providing a one time, emergency stipend to renters, families moving from transitional housing, an emergency shelter or medical facility. (405) 348-1340

The HOPE Center Medical Services Program

CDBG funds assist qualifying persons who are either uninsured or underinsured and have no means to pay for prescriptions or lab costs.(405) 348-1340

Edmond Mobile Meals

Edmond Mobile Meals receive CDBG funds to pay for nutritious meals and food containers. Volunteers deliver the meals five days a week to the clients’ homes, who are disabled or senior citizens. (405) 341-3111

Project 66 Food Pantry

CDBG funds assist Project 66 Food Pantry in providing residents with two week's supply of food on a monthly basis according to the number of people in their household, in a grocery store atmoshere where residents may choose what items to take home. (405) 341-1353

Metro Fair Housing Services

The City of Edmond contracts with the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council of Greater Oklahoma City to provide fair housing services to Edmond residents. These services include mass dissemination of fair housing and discrimination information, education presentations, counseling, outreach, and consulting. MFHC has trained staff who will investigate housing discrimination complaints. In addition, MFHC provides fair housing presentations in our city with special emphasis on our apartment complexes, UCO Commuter Services, our three local high schools, and our real estate community. They also present information at homebuyer education classes. (405) 232-3247