Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport

About Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport

The Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport (GeoPort) is home to more than 100 aircraft, and handles more than an estimated 30,000 operations per year. These operations include aircraft testing and inspection, corporate flights, flight instruction, and pleasure flying.

History of the GeoPort

The Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport, which consisted originally of a grass strip, was built in 1941. It wasn't until 1968 that a 3,000-foot section of paved runway was constructed. From 1975-1995, the present-day ramp was constructed in sections. By 1998, the paved runway had grown in length to 4,100 feet. In 2002, the airport terminal building was built, and in 2005, the City of Guthrie entered into an inter-governmental agreement with the City of Edmond to co-sponsor the airport.

More Information

For more information, visit the Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport website.