Space Rental


Our farmers market guidelines state: "Our goal is to provide all Oklahoma garden-related products and produce grown along with manufactured food items offered for sale at the market.” First priority will be given to vendors who meet this criteria.


Please request a space rental application by calling (405) 359-4630 to be considered as a vendor. Or visit the Applications page. Your completed application will be reviewed, and you will be notified when you have been accepted and when there is space available. The detailed request will help us maintain the quality of the market.

Rental Fees

Space rental fees are $10 per day per space for adult and craft vendors who are outside of the pavilion. Space rental fees are$ 15 per day space for adult vendors who are under the pavilion.There is an additional $25 per season fee for any vendor using electricity. Junior vendors pay a $5 per day per space fee during the Junior Market.