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Edmond Residents Could See Reduced Insurance Rates

Lower fire protection rating benefits Edmond residents and business

Press Release 10/11/2021


Beginning November 1, 2021, the City of Edmond will have a new Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating of Class 1.   The Class 1 rating can reduce property insurance, in some cases significantly.  

Since the early 1970’s cities across the nation have been rated by Insurance Service Office (ISO) according to their ability to protect their communities. This rating is defined by a PPC score from 1-10, with 1 being the highest score possible termed PPC Class 1.  Insurance providers factor the ISO PPC score into their calculation to determine insurance premiums for residential and commercial policyholders.   Your insurance carrier has the final determination in setting your premiums.  

The city went through a lengthy weighted evaluation process where the maximum point values were; 50 points from the Fire Department, 40 points from the Water Resources System, 10 points from Emergency Communications, and 5.5 points from Community Risk Reduction.  Edmond totaled 93.2 points putting it in the Class 1 category.   

The PPC Class 1 rating will cover areas within five road miles of a fire station and 1000’ from a fire hydrant.  Areas within five road miles of a fire station but not within 1000’ of a fire hydrant will have a PPC Class 2 rating.  All other areas outside the parameters of Class 1 or Class 2 will have a PPC Class 10 rating.

Across the country, 45,521 fire districts are evaluated, and only 393 are Class 1.  This new rating places Edmond in ISO’s elusive Class 1 rating, obtained by less than 1% of cities nationwide.

The city’s Fire Department, Water Resources, and Emergency Communications worked diligently to get this rating.  The tax dollar investments in these areas provide quality services and payback savings to residents and business owners.   

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready, ISO’s National Water Resources Manager Hugh Gibson, ISO’s Field Representative Ken Stoops, City Leaders, and City Staff will celebrate this achievement in a small ceremony on October 11.

To find out how the new ratings might impact your insurance rates contact your insurance provider or the Edmond Fire Department (405) 216-7300.