Current Road Construction Projects

Phase II, Intelligent Transportation System on portions of Broadway, Danforth, Covell, and Santa Fe

This project consists of installing fiber optic cable and replacing the traffic signal cabinets and controllers and associated signal equipment at 22 intersections on portions of Broadway, Danforth, Covell, and Santa Fe in order to bring them into compliance with the National Transportation Communication for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP) standards. These intersections will connect to the existing Traffic Management Center (TMC) via fiber optics and wireless communication network.

This project was awarded by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) to Traffic Signal Inc in the amount of $6,751,535.68. The contract is 375 calendar days and work will begin by February 4, 2019. ODOT has given the contractor an additional 40 days due to permit delays by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. The City received 80% federal funds with the remaining 20% City funds.

December 2020 Update: The project is substantially complete except for the LEDDAR detection system. The Canadian based company is currently under travel restrictions to the U.S. until further notice. Once travel restrictions are lifted, representatives will be on site to configure and test the system for compliance with the plan specifications. Edmond city staff is currently conducting final inspections on the 22 intersections as well as the 11 miles of fiber optic cable. Any issues noted in the final inspection will be forwarded to the contractor for resolution.

Covell Widening, Fairfax to Covell Lane

This project consists of widening Covell to a four-lane divided roadway. There will be left turn lanes at all side streets. Covell and Griffin Boulevard will be signalized. The project will include street lighting and 10-foot-wide multi-use paths/sidewalks. This 260-calendar contract was awarded on February 24, 2020 to Crossland Heavy Contractors in the amount of $9,636,281. 

December 2020 update: This project currently under construction. Covell is currently closed to through traffic and is tentatively scheduled to be open by the end of January 2021 at which time other phases of the project will continue to be constructed.

Edmond Quiet Zone

Creation of quiet zones along railroad corridors is a relatively new development. In 2006, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued 49 CFR 222 and 229, Use of Locomotive Horns at High-Way Grade Crossings. The purpose of the rule is to mandate a federal requirement for the sounding of locomotive horns at all public highway-rail grade crossings. The rule also created a methodology by which communities could create quiet zones. In accordance with the rule, locomotive horn sounding is not required if each crossing is equipped with Supplemental Safety Measures (SSM). SSM’s are safety measures that have been determined by the Federal Rail Administration to adequately compensate for the lack of a locomotive horn.

Edmond has eleven grade crossings that will be equipped with SSM’s. On March 6, 2019, the Edmond City Council approved contracts with the Burlington Northern Railroad for Quiet Zone improvements in the amount of $2,649,385.

The City council also approved a contract with CTC in the amount of $216,257 for the preparation of construction plans for the quiet zone improvements on the City streets that approach the railroad tracks.

There are two components to the Quiet Zone project:

  • The first component is the infrastructure work to be done by BNSF forces on their railroad tracks. The railroad signals are being designed by BNSF. Their ordering process is currently under way and they expect materials to arrive in late 2019.
  • The second component is the work to be designed and constructed by the City on the 11 streets that cross the tracks. The city awarded this project to Rudy Construction in the amount of $1,179,832.8

December 2020 Update: The Edmond Quiet Zone went into effect on Tuesday morning December 15, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.