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Urban Forestry

  1. Arbor Day Art Contest Registration

    Sign up your school to participate in the Arbor Day Art Contest for Edmond fifth graders.

  2. Edmond Tree Grants Application
  3. Landscape Improvement Award Application

    Application form for the Landscape Improvement Award.

  4. Tree Resource Evaluation/Tree Preservation Plan Professional Application
  1. Ask the Forester

    Do you have a tree related question that needs answering? The Urban Forestry Department is here as a resource to help you demystify... More…

  2. Fall Foliage Photo Contest Entry Form

    Entry form for the Fall Foliage Photo Contest within the Edmond Tree Awards program

  3. Landscape Plan Design Professional Application
  4. Utility Forestry Contact

    Edmond Electric is committed to the reliability of your electric service. That is why we have a utility tree contractor pruning trees... More…