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Lead & Copper Sampling - Interest Form

  1. Lead & Copper Sampling Interest Form

    Please complete this form if you would like for your water to be sampled and tested as a part of our Lead and Copper Sampling program.

  2. Sampling Sites must be single family structures that meet at least ONE of the following Criteria:

    • There are copper pipes with lead solder installed after 1982 and before 1989
    • There is visual presence of interior lead plumbing
    • There is copper plumbing with lead solder installed before 1983
    • There are Lead Service Lines (LSL) present. LSL's are connection sites with lead goosenecks or pigtails commonly defined as the publicly owned portion of the service line between the water main and either a connector line or the curb box.

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  4. Next Steps

    If your residence is approved by ODEQ, you will be contacted by the City of Edmond’s Water Resources Department prior to the annual sampling event. Laboratory personnel will do a visual inspection to confirm the plumbing meets the stated criteria. Details on what can be expected during the sampling event can be found HERE.

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