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1. What is the smart meter pilot program?
2. What is the objective of the pilot program?
3. How does smart meter technology work?
4. What is the time line for the pilot program?
5. Are there plans for Edmond Electric to charge different rates for peak and off-peak energy usage using time of use rates?
6. Will my rate that I am currently billed under change during the pilot?
7. If I have registered, when will I know if I am selected for the pilot program or not?
8. What is my responsibility if I am selected to participate in the pilot?
9. How can I make use of the data?
10. What is the duration of the pilot?
11. How will it be decided if a full scale implementation is done?
12. When the City replaces my meter, how long will my utility service be interrupted?
13. Is there a fee to register or participate in the program?
14. What are the long-term benefits of the SMART meters?